All Star 5000

The most advanced pitching simulator in central illinois!


  • Programmable Multi-pitch system featuring HomePlate pitching machine from Sports Tutor, Inc.
  • Every pitch thrown matches the arm speed on the video.
  • SurePitch® synchronization system ensures that the ball and video are in sync on every pitch, everyday. Guaranteed!
  • Team Rotation Mode ( 5-15 balls/player) or Continuous balls.
  • Programmable Ball interval.
  • Fastballs, Curves, Sliders, etc.
  • LH/RH pitchers.
  • Our pitchers or the ability to film your own.
  • Different pitch types at different speeds at different locations. You choose the pitch!
  • Remote Start/Stop of system.
  • Easy to operate. No computer to boot or hang during practice.
  • Quality built technology.