backroad boom shed

What we offer

Backroad Boom Shed is the premier batting facility in Illinois! Located in rural Pontiac, IL, our facility offers an open batting cage for baseball and softball, and the state of the art All Star 5000 Pitching Machine! We offer the best pitching simulator on the market!

Open Cages

Our open batting cage allows you to freely hit and practice your swing!   Our cages are 70′ long and are in a climate-controlled facility, so you can come and practice your swing summer or winter, no matter the season! Perfect for individuals, travel teams, school teams, and everyone in between!

Our cages are so big that they can even be used to practice pitching off the mound or fielding! 

All Star 5000 Pitching Machine

The All Star 5000 Video Pitching simulator is the best video pitcher on the market for improving your swing!

Throw curveballs, sliders, sinkers, fastballs all in sequence or random order. The All Star 5000 comes in baseball or softball model.

The All Star 5000 uses the Sports Tutor computerized pitching machine as the back end machine/throwing technology. The advantage of this system is that it is using a high volume production quality pitching machine that is already tried and true in the marketplace. The All Star 5000 team didn’t have to “reinvent” and try to create a reliable machine; they leveraged the existing technology and added the most accurate video sync’ing technology to that machine. All of this equates to the best players!


The Backroad Boom Shed has helped me tremendously in my development as a player. There are features for many types of training such as pitching mounds, hitting areas with a pitching simulator, and turf floors for fielding and catching drills. It is a great environment to be in, and it has helped me improve tremendously.

Zechariah Landstrom, Odell, IL

This place is a hidden gem in an unexpected place for batting, pitching and practicing. My son loves going there and never wants to leave and to make it even better it has a simulator which he fell in love with. Any kid who’s likes baseball will love this place!!

Betsy Fellheimer Pontiac, IL

Late in the summer season my son was struggling hitting and we were invited out to the shed to get some work in. I was absolutely amazed at what they had there. The simulator allowed you to hit all different pitches, speeds, and allowed you to face both left and right handed pitchers through the session. My son had never seen such pitching. I told him that if he didn’t have confidence after what he had just seen and hit that he needed to pick another sport. Needless to say he came out of his workout the following game and made adjustments, had the confidence and started hitting again. Thank you for the workout!! We can’t wait to get back at it again!! P.S. make sure to ask for the Dirty Lefty pitcher

Mike LaDere, Frankfort, IL

Our daughter LOVES The Backroad Boom Shed! Great batting cages with quality top of the line equipment that can accommodate baseball and softball hitting and pitching. The cage sizes are wide and open with a great amount of space to work in. Awesome, clean facility with EXCELLENT staff! The state of the art pitching simulator is AMAZING! Reed is a great hitting coach for our daughter. Reed has a positive approach and can put what may seem like tough hitting concepts in easy to understand terms and holds her accountable for making changes to ensure her success. She has been able to take guidance from him and tremendously improve her swing speed and launch angle. We look forward to going back every time we leave! We love this facility so much, we make the drive from Bloomington!

Melissa Sauers, Bloomington IL